The C-ALT Learning Analytics Fellows Program is a community of scholars actively engaged in conducting research to further student achievement and success at the University. The Program is open to all CSU faculty and staff. Fellows receive a research stipend, plus, access to a secure workstation for retrieving and exploring data and using a variety of analysis and data visualization packages. In addition, Fellows are supported by TILT instructional designers, and learning analytics experts and data scientists from C-ALT, Research and Analytics, and Institutional Research.

Now accepting applications

If you are interested in becoming a C-ALT Research Fellow, please complete the online application by Sept. 30, 2018 at 5 p.m.

The following C-ALT Research Fellows are faculty who have been recognized for their leadership in analytics-based research on teaching and learning:

Tim Amidon

Tim Amidon is an Assistant Professor of English. Tim is recognized as a C-ALT Fellow for leading a pilot of Eli Review in the Composition Program. Students and instructors participating in the pilot are using descriptive analytics to shape their practice as teachers and learners of writing. In particular, students are using descriptive data to heighten peer-learning and increase reflection, while teachers are examining how these data might be used to help scaffold the process of teaching students how to review and provide high-quality feedback on peer writing.

Anne Cleary is a Professor of Psychology and Program Coordinator for the Cognitive Psychology Program. She is a cognitive psychologist who specializes in the study of human learning and memory. Anne is recognized as a C-ALT Fellow for her innovative research on the use of wearables such as Smartwatches for reinforcing learning using principles gleaned from the science of learning.

Karen Gebhardt is an Assistant Professor of Economics. Karen is recognized as a C-ALT Fellow for her innovative work to predict student disengagement and implement effective interventions in courses in the Economics Online Program.

Kalpana Gupta is an assistant professor and co-coordinator of the Adult Education and Training program in the School of Education. She specializes in curriculum design and online learning. Kalpana is recognized as a C-Alt fellow for her unprecedented approach utilizing meditation in online learning combined with learning analytics to research the impact of meditation as a pedagogical method and source for transformative learning.

Mary Pilgrim is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Mary is recognized as a C-ALT Fellow for her innovative work to detect self-regulated student behaviors within Calculus I (Math 160).