The C-ALT Learning Analytics Fellows Program is a community of scholars actively engaged in conducting research to further student achievement and success at the University. The Program is open to all CSU faculty and staff. Fellows receive a research stipend, plus, access to a secure workstation for retrieving and exploring data and using a variety of analysis and data visualization packages. In addition, Fellows are supported by TILT instructional designers, learning analytics experts and data scientists from C-ALT, Research and Analytics (RA), and Institutional Research (IR).

If you are interested in becoming a C-ALT Research Fellow please complete the online application.

The following C-ALT Research Fellows are faculty who have been recognized for their leadership in analytics-based research on teaching and learning.

Mary Pilgrim
Mary Pilgrim

Mary Pilgrim is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Mary is recognized as a C-ALT Fellow for her innovative work to detect self-regulated student behaviors within Calculus I (Math 160).

Karen Gebhardt is an Assistant Professor of Economics. Karen is recognized as a C-ALT Fellow for her innovative work to predict student disengagement and implement effective interventions in courses in the Economics Online Program.