The Center for the Analytics of Learning and Teaching (C-ALT) facilitates faculty-driven research projects that use academic analytics, Learning Analytics (LA), and Educational Data Mining (EDM) methods to investigate questions related to learning and teaching.

C-ALT is committed to CSU’s foundational principle of inclusive excellence. We support learning analytics projects that aim to protect diversity, we welcome value and affirm all members of the CSU community. We are committed to using analytics for ethical purposes. We use theory-informed design to gain insight into student behavior and then design interventions that transform all students into self-efficient learners.

C-ALT is a faculty-driven CIOSU research center within the College of Health and Human Sciences, and the School of Education.

Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI) - Rocky Mountains

Colorado State University (CSU), University of Northern Colorado (UNC), and the University of Colorado (CU) are joining forces to host a local Learning Analytics Summer Institute (LASI-Local).

CSU’s Center for the Analytics of Learning and Teaching (C-ALT) with support from the Society of Learning Analytics Research (SOLAR) will host the first meeting of the LASI (local)-Rocky Mountains. Our first meeting is planned for June 12th on the CSU campus in Fort Collins.

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C-ALT sponsored research wins best paper award.

Mary Pilgrim, James Folkestad, and Ben Sencindiver won the best paper award in the Practitioner Technology Showcase category at this years Learning Analytics and Technology (LAK) Conference. LAK 2017 was held in Vancouver, British Columbia on March 15th – 17th. The practitioner paper focused on the design, development, and deployment of digital objects to collect evidence of students self-regulated learning behavior in Calculus I (Math 160) at Colorado State University. That paper will be published in the conference proceedings.